Children’s Programs

Moms and Tots (18 to 36 months and a loving adult) This is a special time for you and your young child to expand your movement range and tap into your imagination and creative self-expression. Share the joy of spontaneity, passion for discovery and exploration through movement. Join this rewarding adventure to learn with your child!

Romp & Stomp or Turbo Jam with Tap (Boys Age 2 to 7) This high energy movement class is geared just for boys. Instill the joy of movement in your child with an introduction to dance concepts, stretching and fitness. Introduction to Tap & Hip-Hop in Turbo Jamm class for ages 5 to 7.

Prance & Play (Ages 3 & 4) An introduction to movement in a class on their own! Students will explore music and movement, rhythms and props, and begin to formalize movement concepts of direction, space, forward and backward, up and down, and basic dance skills and positions.

Creative Movement with Lil’ Tappers (Age 3,4  Preschool option with Tap) Experience the joy of moving spontaneously and confidently to one’s own rhythm. This class will encourage your child’s creative spirit and individuality through movement, dance, poetry and music in a nurturing, noncompetitive and comforting environment. The class includes an introduction to tap dancing. What fun to make noise with your feet!

Pre-K Ballet with Tap (Age 4,5 Preschool) For students age 4 & 5, but not yet in Kindergarten, who have completed at least one session in Creative Movement. An introduction to Ballet terms and concepts, as well as, Tap dance basics.

Pre-Ballet with Tap or Jazz (Age 5, 6 Kindergarten) Ballet is the foundation of all types of dance. This class begins to introduce ballet concepts, terms and disciplines in a fun and creative manner. Also with lots of time to explore movement and express individual style. With Tap or Jazz Technique. (Students must be enrolled in Kindergarten)

Ballet (Beginning at age 6, First Grade) Begin to foster a love for the discipline of Ballet, the foundation of all dance types. Children learn ballet (dance) terminology and basic ballet steps in a nurturing, and fun-filled class. Students may also perform in the Dance Center Annual Concert.

Tap* (Beginning at age 6) Tap is an American original…allowing students to make sounds and rhythm with their feet. This dance style fosters musicality, precision and articulation of the feet. And, its just fun to make noise with your shoes!

Jazz* (Beginning at age 6) Jazz is a dance technique originating from African dance traditions. It is popular today in music videos, commercials and movies. The music is upbeat and current. Hip Hop, Lyrical and Latin Jazz are styles of Jazz dance.

Contemporary* (Beginning at age 7) Contemporary is a blend of Modern and post-Modern technique, with elements of soft jazz and ballet foundations. This is a dance technique allowing freer movement and self-expression.

Celtic* (Beginning at age 7) Celtic is Irish Step Dancing which has gained popularity through the successful “River Dance.”
*We recommend enrollment in Pre-Ballet or Ballet as a prerequisite for Tap, Contemporary, Celtic and/or Jazz/Latin/Lyrical and Hip Hop.

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