Dance Center Policies
ENROLLMENT—An Enrollment and Release of Liability Card shall be signed and returned before the dancer attends classes.
WEATHER—Classes will be CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER IF TCAPS (Kalkaska Schools) CANCELS CLASSES OR AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES DUE TO WEATHER. If weather conditions are poor, please use your own discretion on whether it is safe to travel. Classes cancelled due to weather will NOT be refunded but may be made up during the session. Our Kalkaska Studio will close if Kalkaska Public Schools close due to weather.
CLASS PLACEMENT—Placement is made on the basis of your present teacher evaluation. The school reserves the right to change placement at the discretion of our faculty. Students are placed in classes based on age and ability. Students may take classes up to and including their current placement levels.
ADVANCEMENT—Student advancement is based on physical readiness, classroom behavior, attitude, discipline, technical mastery and attendance.
ATTENDANCE—Class attendance is extremely important. Excessive absences will negatively affect the student’s progress, advancement and participation in performance opportunities. Please call the studio if student will be absent. Classes should be taken a minimum of twice per week for maximum benefit—daily classes are recommended for higher levels and pre-professional students.
OBSERVATION—Please help us to maintain an effective teaching environment by limiting observation and access to instruction rooms. Refrain from conversation or other distractions during class times. Children MUST BE supervised by a parent/guardian, unless they are enrolled in classes. Classroom etiquette requires students to remain focused in a disciplined environment—please do not interfere by speaking to or gesturing to students during class time. Thank you for being quiet, courteous and considerate during dance classes.
EVALUATION—Written evaluation will be made UPON REQUEST at the conclusion of each session. At any time, if you wish to discuss your student’s progress, please call the office to arrange a phone or personal conference with the instructor.
ATTITUDE—The attitude of students toward each other, the faculty and other adults at the school should be one of respect. All Dance Center students are expected to be respectful and attentive during classes and while in and around the studio facility. The development of self-discipline and concentration is important to advancement in dance as well as other areas of life. Stu-dents displaying inappropriate behavior will be dismissed from class and parents will be called to pick them up.
SESSION—The Dance Center holds two 16-week sessions during the school year and a 6-week summer session. Generally, classes begin in September and continue throughout all sessions. It is recommended that students begin in Session I and continue. Missing a session or partial session may impede the student’s progress, advancement and performance eligibility.
OFFICE—The Dance Center facility includes a small business office which is used by the faculty and office staff. Due to limited space, students and parents are asked to refrain from using the office unless they have official business.
DRESS CODE—Proper dance attire should be worn, including footwear. Hair should be secured off the face and neck. Ladies should wear solid colored leotards, tights or unitards. Dance skirts and wrap sweaters and minimal cover-ups may be worn during cool weather. Gentlemen should wear solid-color t-shirt, leotards, tights, leggings or unitards and black or white shoes. No baggy shirts are permitted. LLEATHER BALLET SLIPPERS ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL PERFORMANCES.
Leather or canvas shoes may be worn for classes. Tap shoes should not have black soles. Check with the teacher on the style required for your age and level. Black jazz shoes should be worn for jazz classes. For Celtic, check with your instructor. Ballroom shoes are available in the boutique or wear clean, comfortable street shoes.
CHOREOGRAPHY—Choreography taught or performed at the Dance Center, prepared by students, guest artists or faculty, remains the property of the Dance Center and is governed by US Copyright Law, and may not be used, performed, re-created or re-staged without written permission from the Dance Center and the choreographer.
PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOTAPING — is strictly prohibited during classes, rehearsals and performances